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Structural problems in the growth stage, antibiotics, feeding habits, and even flor in drinking water might cause unwanted colour changes in teeth. Especially coffee and tea consumption might leave colouring even if proper dental care and brushing. Also, ageing, old dentures, crowns and bridges and bad fillings might result in the loss of the white colour of teeth. Teeth Whitening is a proven method for whiter teeth.

Are teeth whitening suitable for everyone?


Teeth Whitening is only suitable for adults who are unhappy with their teeth' colour. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, you must consult your doctor.


In certain circumstances, teeth whitening won’t be effective. In case of severe cavities or gum diseases must be treated first. After treating such problems, teeth whitening will provide longer-lasting, better results.


Does teeth whitening provide permanent results?

Teeth Whitening treatment usually last for six months. However, extensive coffee consumption and cigarette smoking might shorten the whitening effects.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey
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