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What is Root Canal Treatment?

“Root canal” is a term used to describe the natural cavity in the centre of a tooth. This area contains the pulp chamber that houses the nerves. If it becomes infected due to cavities, root canal therapy is necessary. If left untreated, the infection can cause an abscess, leading to swelling and bone loss around the roots of teeth.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with teeth root diseases. Teeth are fed through the pulp chamber, which consists of tissue, veins and nerves. After the growth of the teeth is completed, it is safe to remove the pulp to save both the roots and teeth. After the growth process completes, teeth will be fed through the gum and surrounding tissue. Pulp removal is called endodontic treatment, and it is among the most common dental treatments.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required due to two main problems: Infection and extreme pulp chamber damage. Untreated cavities are the leading cause of pulp infections. If cavities are untreated, bacteria will move into the root canals. Unfortunately, root canal infections are not fully responsive to antibiotic treatments. Infections and swelling will block the blood flow to the tooth, and antibiotics will not be carried to the infected area effectively. Low blood flow will also delay the self-healing process of the pulp.

Trauma, broken tooth and bad fillings are the other possible causes of damaged pulp. Sometimes, dental operations might cause the pulp to swell. For example, the preparation process of a tooth for crowning might cause the pulp to swell. However, since it is not infected, the pulp will possibly heal. However, in some circumstances, primarily due to oral hygiene and cleaning habits, it will result in infections and pain.

I need root canal therapy. What happens if I don’t get treated?

Infection in the pulp chamber might jump next to the bone and might cause an abscess. Root canal therapy aims to treat the infection by cleaning the pulp and filling the root canal with medical material. If untreated, it might result in tooth and bone loss.

Does implant replace root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is for saving a decaying tooth. Your tooth must be pulled out if you don’t want root canal therapy. An implant might be preferred as a treatment to fill the resulting gap.

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