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Hollywood Smile

The aesthetic point of view is a multifaceted and broad subject that includes many factors. Very visible gums, too big or too small teeth,or only the upper teeth, which are more visible when speaking. All these are sub-steps of aesthetic problems.

It is essential to make an excellent analysis and determination on these issues and to decide in common consensus with dentists who are experts in the patient's primary problem. If the patient's problems are due to the reason or reasons mentioned above, planning and programming are created for them, and the patient's initial photographs and measurements are taken. The required angle and position size ordering criteria are designed on the patient's face in the most appropriate way, with the opportunities provided by digital dentistry on these taken photographs and measurements. Then these are provided to the patient in the clinic of the prototype work, which we call "mocap" in the digital environment. The critical point here is to present the patient's prototype aesthetic solution prepared by the physician to his liking and to get his approval. If the patient and the physician agree on the aesthetic solution, the procedure is completed quickly and painlessly in a short time. Since today's people are in a social environment and are in constant interaction, an aesthetic temporary tooth is definitely prepared to not deprive the patient of their teeth during this treatment. During the treatment, a comfortable process is ensured with these temporary teeth. While aesthetic solutions can be examined under separate headings, it is necessary to mention the zirconium or glass ceramic zirconium material that is the most used material today. The most impressive part of zirconium is that its light transmittance is very high and very close to the natural tooth. In addition, the most important properties of materials such as titanium, zirconium and gold are that they do not cause an allergic reaction with the tissue.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey
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